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Hidden Gems in the Old North End

Kyle Cairns
Henry Street Deli Mark is located a few blocks from UVM’s campus.

The Old North End is not only home to many of UVM’s upperclassmen, but it also boasts some of the best spots for a quick, affordable bite. 

The Old North End is the residential area north of downtown Burlington and northwest of UVM’s campus. Packed with Victorian-style homes converted into apartments, the neighborhood has several deli markets hidden amongst the houses. 

Students living in the area frequent local favorites such as Henry Street Deli Mart, The Shopping Bag and the Poppy Cafe and Market for convenience store needs and delicious sandwiches. Even with many options, Henry Street Deli Mart, located just a few blocks off of UVM’s campus, seems to be the most popular sandwich spot in the area. 

Senior Hannah Warn lives close by Henry Street Deli Mart and goes often for breakfast or lunch before classes, she said. 

“I love the breakfast sandwiches. The ones with hash browns are very good,” Warn said. 

Warn and fellow Old North End resident, senior Celia Cook, both love their breakfast options, but they also love their lunch sandwiches. The pair agreed that the pesto chicken sandwich is the best menu item. 

Further north in the neighborhood is Poppy Cafe and Market, featuring a rotating seasonal menu of unique, healthy sandwiches. For those who have dietary restrictions, Poppy Cafe is a great option, offering vegan menu items and the option to substitute gluten-free bread on all of their sandwiches, according to their menu

Poppy Cafe and Market is tucked away on Oak Street, but it is worth venturing over to check out the cute dining area and try some sandwiches that elevate the average meat, cheese and lettuce sub. 

Right on North Street, the main road through the whole Old North End is The Shopping Bag. From the outside, The Shopping Bag looks like a regular convenience store, but don’t be fooled, they have a huge menu and serve three meals a day. 

The Shopping Bag features breakfast all day long, and the “Donut Doctor,” is the ultimate hangover cure, according to their website.

For lunch and dinner options, The Shopping Bag has a huge variety of specialty burgers and sides. Often, burger joints aren’t so vegetarian friendly, but The Shopping Bag has multiple meat alternatives such as a Beyond Burger and a black bean veggie burger. 

Junior Liliana Gallegos, who lives around the corner from The Shopping Bag, goes at least once or twice a month to enjoy her favorites. Gallegos said that her go-to, although it’s not their most popular item, is their chicken nuggets and french fries.

Unfortunately, these local delis are not as accessible for those living on campus at UVM. Sophomore Sophie Holmes lives on Central Campus and says she has heard of Henry Street Deli and The Shopping Bag from her friends but has never been.

Though Holmes is interested in trying the delis in the area, she feels bound to the dining halls. 

“I’m inclined to eat on campus because of my dining plan,” she said. “But maybe [I’d go] for fun.”

Fortunately for both on and off-campus students, the delis in the Old North End are very affordable, with many options being below $10.

For those who live on campus, making a special trip to try some of the food the Old North End has to offer is worth it. 

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