Meet your candidates: Scott McCarty

What is your number one issue if you are elected to office?

I will make student safety and town gown relations the centerpiece of our administration. As we go door to door, this is the number one issue we are hearing from students. Lighting on city streets and keeping our residence halls safe is a big part of this. We will also fully implement the Student Safety Awareness Month that we ush-ered through the senate. We encourage students to visit our web site at for more information.

What experiences here at UVM do you feel qualify you for holding the office of SGA president?

I serve as chair of the Legislative Action Committee(COLA). Our ability to work well with others and our leadership capability is critical in this election because, unlike our opponents, we have the leadership experience to back up our ideas. I also serve as an RA in Wing Davis Wilks, serve on the UVM Burlington Policy Committee and I am active in the Community Coalition.

In what ways do you feel being active in student government is beneficial to yourself and the University?

I love talking about policy and getting involved in the process. I love getting my hands dirty and getting to work. When we’re not doing something constructive, then we feel like we’re not doing enough. Student government gives us an opportunity to do this and give back to the UVM and Burlington communities. We understand the importance of student input on issues and we will be your voice.

What should we do with the bus on weekend nights to deal with some of the problems?

My committee has taken a lead on this. COLA and the rest of SGA had a Have-a-Heart on Wheels event in which students passed out chocolate hearts at bus stops and talked about bus safety and concerns that people had about it. We need to continue to raise awareness as op-posed to attacking students, add another bus to the schedule to reduce the volume of students in the buses and change the route so more stu-dents can take the bus.