On-campus scoop shop hosts last cone day

Like rain through the ruts of Church Street, a line of people flowed down the street in anticipation of free ice cream.

Around the world, Ben & Jerry’s held its annual Free Cone day event from noon until 8 p.m on April 4.

Two free ice cream stands were situated in the Burlington area.

One was outside the Davis Center and the other outside the Church Street Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop, which is currently under construction.

This year marks the 38th anniversary of the free cone tradition, which started in 1979 as a show of appreciation for customer support and employee work.

It is also marks the last year that the Davis Center will enjoy the presence of its own scoop shop. After ten years of serving ice cream right on campus, UVM’s Ben & Jerry’s will close at the end of the spring semester.

UVM Dining is considering other replacements such as a smoothie bar, according to director Melissa Zelazny, but appreciates the continued partnership with Ben & Jerry’s.

“It’s sad, but they’re replacing it with a smoothie place which is my top food craving,” first-year Jackie Balter said. “Gosh, I’m gonna spend so much money on smoothies.”

Employees give out over 1 million cones each year on this day, according to the Ben & Jerry’s website. A little known fact, you can get in line as many times as you want an employee assured customers.

For one last time, students basked in the convenience of Free Cone day right on campus, lines growing longest in between classes.

“I guess you can burn off calories walking down to Church Street for ice cream from now on. If nothing else, we’re trading convenience for a good excuse to get out,” first-year Erin Bundock said.

Though a smoothie shop would be a new addition to UVM Dining’s wide array of food options, some students professed their disappointment at the disappearance of Davis’ scoop shop.

“I’m pissed. It’s so much easier, especially in the winter when its snowing buckets,” first-year Cameron Bauserman said. “Nothing beats having it right here.”

Despite the rain, the under “conestruction” shop downtown and the impending closure of Ben & Jerry’s on campus, the line of those in need of a small free scoop never ended.

“Some people definitely gave up because of the weather, but the turnout has been great overall,” said a Ben & Jerry’s employee who was too busy to give a name.

According to eager ice cream lovers, the wait was somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour throughout the day.

To ease the wait and pass time, employees ran about quizzing people on Ben & Jerry’s history for a chance to win 10 percent off all ice cream for a year, or even a cherished line cut pass.

Anna Jager, another Saint Michael’s junior, agreed that waiting was not a downside.

“It’s actually kind of fun,” Jager said. “The social aspect is great because everyone is waiting together.”