Quirky’ team competes

Can you make it across Europe using only cans of Red Bull as currency? Well a group of UVM seniors is trying.

Red Bull sent ÒQuirky Ky and the Terrible TwoÓ off on the adventure of a lifetime April 4, with 24 cans of Red Bull to barter with for food, shelter and transportation.

In the ÒRed Bull Can You Make It?Ó challenge, 100 college teams were chosen to travel throughout Europe in one week using only cans of Red Bull as currency.

UVM group ÒQuirky Ky and the Terrible TwoÓ is made up of seniors Kylie Fitch, Molly Hebert and Lauren Macklin who took on the challenge.

ÒBackpacking through Europe for one week with two of your best friends, no money and no phone Ñ thatÕs right, Red Bull even took away our phones Ñ was a life-changing experience,Ó Fitch said.

The crew competed against 300 other teams and were one of the 10 teams from the U.S., she said.

ÒWe were basically their monkeys, at the beck and call of an energy drink competition, but we all couldnÕt get enough of it,Ó Fitch said.

Each team had to make it to a minimum of six of the 30 designated checkpoint cities scattered across Europe and finish in Berlin, Germany by 5 p.m. the following Friday.

ÒQuirky Ky and the Terrible TwoÓ covered 3,247 kilometers using 175 cans of Red Bull.

ÒTwo weeks back in the States and IÕm still utterly in shock at some of the stunts that we pulled,Ó Fitch said.

On the fourth day of the competition the team traded six cans of Red Bull for 400 EurosÕ worth of plane tickets to get from Naples, Italy to Berlin, Germany and continue their travels from there.

ÒWe were fortunate enough to come home with 300 new friends from all over the world, only making our wanderlust turn to tenfold of what it was before,Ó she said.