Relaxation required

Mellow Mondays is a program by the Living Well center that offers free relaxation techniques to students.

Each Monday from 3-4 p.m. the workshop gives information about making healthy life choices, focusing on a students need for sleep and meditation.

Mellow Mondays was created with the intention of helping students acclimate to the school routine after a busy weekend. It has two alternating workshops that help benefit the student.

The rst is Naptime, run by Amy Boyd, director of health and wellness. The program offers information about the signicance of sleep and actually gives students a quiet space to rest.

Boyd provides sleeping bags and cookies to participants and reads from Harry Potter in an effort to make a comfortable environment.

First-year Jeff Renaud expects that he will attend a Living Well program this semester.

College is such a stressful time and it would be helpful to take some time out of my week for me, Renaud said.

The second workshop is Operation Gratitude. Annie Cressey, a health educator for the center, said she started the event with the intention of looking at how gratitude can increase our happiness and our emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

Students can expect to write thank-you notes to people who have inspired them.

Jennifer Shasberger, marketing director for the Center of Health and Wellbeing, explains the rationale for Mellow Mondays.

When were thinking about our emotional and mental health, that concept of being mellow is really about being comfortable with yourself and nding the benets, Shasberger said.

The program stresses being relaxed and comfortable to build the foundation for mental, physical and spiritual health.

Thats why were calling it Mellow Mondays, because its about that link to relaxation, Shasberger said.

Senior Sarah Bryan is eager to take advantage of the programs offered at Living Well, especially seeing how the office was moved to a more convenient location last year.

I visited Living Well last year to learn about Mindful Meditation. I found it really beneficial, Bryan said.

All of its programming reects the centers seven dimensions of wellness: emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual.

For more information, check out LivingWell on Facebook.