Scandalous sex spots for students

With Valentine’s Day approaching, some UVM students are looking for places to express their loving. These creative students have taken advantage of the diverse locations around campus to get it on. Some locations are fair game to all, while others require certain privileges, codes, or knowing that special someone to get you in. Some are covert, while others might leave you questioning how anyone got away with it. Whether you are out for a midnight stroll in Redstone campus, or your friend has access to the dark room key code, we challenge you do try all fourteen!   Fourteen ideas to try out on February 14th (not listed in specific order). 1. “The summit room on the fourth floor of the Davis Center is a wonderful place to engage in sexual relations. While it’s fairly secluded, the broad windows allow you to gaze out over central campus and the student body from above, while getting laid.” Justin Karwatowsk, sophomore 2. “The Basement of the Library (Special Collections Section). It is quiet, kind of creepy but no one goes there during the day. You barely see people there, you just see books.” Esa Putra, sophomore 3. “Physical Plant because it’s Physical.” Jimmy Howe, first year 4. Narnia (the woods that separates Redstone from South Prospect Street). “It’s a great place to do it because it’s outside and anyone can walk in and then you have to run behind someone’s shed.” Carlie Lessard, sophomore 5. Converse Attic. “There is a huge attic with chairs and couches.” Amanda Burdick, junior 6. “Votey Hall, 3rd Floor. The risk of being heard by the calculus class around the corner, and the excitement of knowing I can get away with it…” David Bandler, sophomore 7. “Definitly the Dark Room, Lafayette 204A…if you have key code access.” Latimer Hoke, junior 8. “The climb up to the Fire escape on Williams works up your endorphins so you’re heated up.” Kallie Longval, first year 9. Weight room in Patrick Gym “The best place is in the back right in front of the big mirror.” Eric Pugliese, sophomore 10. “Unity Lounge in the Davis Center because the couch is comfy.” Max Danksy, sophomore 11. “The Flying Diaper on Redstone is a little sketchy since its right where the bus stops, but if you time it right, it can be a lot of fun.” Jennifer Hatin, sophomore 12. “The Jeffords building. I really like the feel of it, and I was not producing as many carbon emissions; it’s such a clean building. I had sex in it before it even opened.” Amit Saini, junior 13. “The gender neutral bathrooms in the Davis Center. With all the students coming and going throughout the day, it is easy to sneak in for a quickie.” Cody Dana, sophomore 14. “If you go all the way up to the fifth floor of Old Mill in the bathrooms, you can get it on because it is always very empty up there.” Thor Belle, First Year