UVM dance company shakes it for 1GOAL

The notes of Shakira’s “Waka Waka” filled the Patrick Gym dance studio, as more than 20 participants danced for “1GOAL” on Saturday, Oct. 23. 1GOAL was an event promoted at the World Cup over the summer. Their mission is to “get education for all children by 2015,” Orchesis Dance Company Vice President Kelsey Crowley said. Shakira is an ambassador for 1GOAL and, as part of her volunteer work for that campaign, she challenged people around the world to film themselves dancing to “Waka Waka” and post their video on YouTube as a response to her video requesting support for 1GOAL. “I came about it just when I youtubed ‘Shakira Waka Waka’ … I was just browsing when I came across it,” Crowley said.  “In the beginning of the semester, Orchesis was looking for community service ideas so when I saw this video, I started thinking about Orchesis and how we could contribute,” Crowley said.  The members of UVM’s Orchesis Dance Company decided to respond to Shakira’s video and teach the dance at one of their weekly Saturday dance classes. Crowley brought the idea to Orchesis President Alex Bacheller.  “I brought up the idea to Alex first, and when she seemed really into the idea, I brought it to the whole company,” Crowley said. “Everyone was on board.” “I knew that the Saturday classes we offer would be a perfect opportunity to teach and videotape the dance, and donating the profits we made from the class just seemed like the right thing to do,” Crowley said. The dance was taught and choreographed by Lauren DeAngelo. “Lauren already had choreography for this song, so she volunteered to teach the class.” Crowley said. After the group learned the choreography, the dance was filmed and has been posted on youtube.com and the Orchesis Facebook page. The class raised $80 for 1GOAL, and Orchesis Dance Company plans to raise even more money.  “We decided that we want to perform the dance again at our semester showcase on Dec. 4 and ask for donations from the audience to donate to 1GOAL,” Crowley said. After the show, Orchesis will donate that money and the money from the class at one time. They will invite non-Orchesis members that attended the class to perform it in the show as well, Crowley said. “I’m an education major so I guess you could say I have a soft spot for education, and it’s horrible to hear about kids who don’t have schooling or some sort of education available to them, so I really love what 1GOAL stands for,” Crowley said. “Combining dance and education for all seemed like an awesome combination to me.”