Vests Make Biggest Comeback Yet

Do you remember back in the early90’s when everyone was wearing vests? I remember having several, in different colors and fabrics.

As much as I’d like those days to go away, I really can’t erase them from my memory. Especially wearing a puffy pirate shirt.

Fortunately for me, I might be able to redeem my childhood image. The vest is making a comeback, so I have the opportunity to prove that I can wear one without looking like a dorky character out of”Saved by the Bell”.

Vests are creeping up everywhere. If you were attending a more fashionable university, like NYU or UCLA, chances are you would have already noticed this item making its comeback as early as September.

Since I highly doubt any of you have even given thought to this garment, it is my job to re introduce this trend to you in the smoothest possible way. We can credit several sources as pushers of the vest trend. Jessica Simpson wore a leather vest and lacy bra in the summer flop Dukes of Hazzard.

Never have I seen a sexier incarnation of this otherwise androgynous piece of clothing. Let’s not forget that vests were worn by men under suits for many, many centuries.

Shrunken fur vests were huge during the early two thousands(I am aware of the fact that UVMers were unaware of this. But then again, they are unaware about virtually everything), and it is only natural to move towards the more down to earth, natural fabric versions of these.

The biggest vest factor,however, is mod. Vests can also be seen as the backlash of the boho movement of the last couple of years. This is especially important for all those flipflop, gypsy skirt wearing Vermont ladies out there.

Boho is now dead as a dodo. Chunky jewelry has been replaced by minimalist pieces, often in hues of black and white. Ample skirts are once again a thing of the past, and they have cleared the road for dark, tight leggings. The next few years will be ruled by the waif look.

And nothing, I mean nothing, will compliment a pair of black leggings and beat up Converse than a black vest paired with a black machinist hat. Think Oliver Twist at a Strokes concert.

The vest-leggings look is not only hot hot hot, but you can also take it fromWinter to Spring with minimal effort. Just pair your leggings with black motorcycle boots and a chunky black turtleneck for the Winter, and a crisp, white t-shirt for the Spring.

Actually buying the vest is the trickiest part of all. You want it to be simple enough to take it from class to Happy Hour, but it needs to be of good enough quality to avoid being mistaken with a busboy.

Nothing is more depressing than dressing up only to be asked for toothpicks by a hillbilly man in a wolf t-shirt. And I mean NOTHING.