WANTED: Non-Northeasterners

You might ask yourself why someone from New Jersey is writing about not being from the Northeast. Well, the truth of the matter is I never identified myself with the surf culture of the Jersey shore, and here at this cold New England school I don’t really identify with the ski and snowboard culture either.

I have no anger or resentment for those of the northeast, but when I heard of this new club called Not of Northeastern Association (aka NONEA) I thought to myself, “What a great idea.” So how did I find out about this new club? The answer to this question my friends is Caleb Grant.

You might recognize this fellow as one of the many tour guides on campus, who just happens to hail from Pinedale, Wyoming. I watched him every Friday afternoon introducing himself on a student panel, talking constantly with that huge grin on his face as he explained his new club NONEA, “Hi, my name is Caleb Grant, and I am starting a new club called NONEA, which will help students adapt to Northeastern culture, and learn words like ‘sketchy’ and ‘wicked.'” This was Caleb’s idea since I met him, and now his goal has become more than just the laughter of the visiting students.

The outlying purpose of NONEA is to bring together students who identify culturally and geographically outside of the Northeast. The club will act as a tool for students to meet fellow students from similar areas. There are definable disadvantages that are presented while attending a college a great distance from home, and NONEA hopes to close this void and give necessities to students. The club will act as a strong voice for the under-represented body of non-Northeastern students. As this school is increasing its enrollment, and therefore increasing its geographic diversity, students should be aware that there are people who are in the same situation as themselves.

No student should be left feeling out of place, and should leave this university, which has the potential to be a magical place with some guidance and friendship. Everyone has that story of the first person they met on move-in day, or the orientation leader that sat down to chat with you on the couch in the corner.

“I think this club is going to be about doing that – not just helping students from the rest of the country feel welcomed, but for everyone on campus. While doing that, I think they’re also going to have some fun and provide some good local resource,” said Caleb. NONEA activities for the spring semester will include bi-weekly meetings, “Experience the East” trips, holiday alternatives for students who can’t make it home, boards with ride announcements, summer storage options, and various non-Northeastern cultural activities.

So whether you want to learn Eastern culture, meet new people, or just be entertained by Caleb’s goofy grin and funny stories, NONEA is a club worth checking out this semester.