Watch what you wear, you’re in college now

Being in college grants a sense of freedom from parents and this means wearing whatever you want. Sometimes, however, when people walk by you and stare, they are not staring in admiration, but rather in sheer horror. The following are some of the worst fashion mistakes seen around campus. While I understand and even encourage the need to express opinions and point of view through apparel, please do it with some class. Mixing and matching patterns can be okay, but a skirt with an image of a galaxy on it is not necessary. If you enjoy constellations, then join NASA, but do not display it on your clothing. Adding color to a wardrobe is essential. Color illuminates, and gives the illusion of being happy, even if you are not. That being said, color should be restricted to one or two bold colors mixed and matched with other neutrals. Wearing the entire rainbow in one outfit gives you the appearance of being a clown. I personally do not know anyone at UVM who wants to join the circus, but if you do, then you are the exception to this rule. Piercings and tattoos are another way to display our creative sides. But rather than inking up our bodies, why not try a temporary tattoo? They can be flirty and fun, and even designers like Chanel and Rodarte have taken a liking to this trend. Temporary tats are a simple way to drastically change your look without commitment. Temporary tattoos act as an accessory to your outfit that can change whenever you wish, unlike a permanent tat.