What’s Happening in SGA

The Student Action Committee of the SGA has been continuing their work with a variety of issues.

Advocating against the proposed Burlington noise ordinance, that would increase fees and indirect accountability for noise violations for people living off campus.

The ordinance will be discussed at the next city council mtg, (Tuesday Feb 18 at 7pm in Contois Auditorium) all students are encouraged to attend and express their concerns during public forum.

Collaborating with the Physical Plant and Police Services to install new blue lights around campus has worked to provided the following: five free standing units installed, 3 on South Prospect St., 1 at the Counseling Center, and one at the Women’s Center, and 10 wall mounted units will be installed on buildings around campus, starting next week, beginning with the call box outside of Bailey Howe library.

Fifteen locations on Trinity Campus have also been mapped out for blue light installation, which is planned for the spring.

Discussions have been organized between SGA senators and Gretchen Gross of Drug and Alcohol Services to address the increasing issue of drugs and alcohol abuse on and off campus.

A meeting with the Athletics department was organized to discuss the proposed athletic fee, and to increase students awareness of the impact of the fee on tuition, and the possible benefits and costs of the fee for students in general.

A meeting with Police Services was also organized to discuss the hiring of campus security guards, what their presence and responsibilities will mean to students in the residence halls. The increase of security measures that the police are taking throughout campus, as well as the continued interest to build positive relations between students and police services.

Questions? Contact the Student Action Committee Chair, at [email protected]

The Student Activities Committee has been advocating for more club space lately. The club space in the basement of billings is also getting renovated with thanks to Student Life for some help.

The 27th of February we will be having an Activities Fair in the North Lounge of Billings, there will be food, prizes and plenty of clubs represented. Keep posted for more from the student activities committee

Questions? Contact Student Activities Committee Chair, [email protected]