Zuckerman and Kiss Discuss the Issues

Over the last six weeks, we’ve had the opportunity to go to every UVM dorm, walk on every floor and knock on your door as part of our effort to register new voters and to talk about the issues.

Our message is clear: as Progressives we bring an independent voice to Montpelier. We work on issues and we put people first. Our record is consistent with our message: 1) We opposed the Republican led effort to restrict students’ right to vote. We have fought and defeated this kind of legislation anytime it’s been introduced. 2) We worked to pass and uphold Vermont’s landmark Civil Union law. We are unwavering in our support and we will continue to fight for civil rights for all. 3) We are 100% pro-choice. We support Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose. 4) We are also leading the fight for rental housing health and safety, medical marijuana decriminalization, energy conservation and better outdoor lighting, a ban on genetically engineered food, and improved democracy through Instant Run-Off Voting. 5) Key environmental, labor, education and civil rights groups have endorsed us because we offer effective, issue-oriented leadership in Montpelier. We build alliances to find solutions that work.

Every year that we have been in the legislature, the UVM budget appropriation has increased at a greater rate than the overall state budget. But still, the rising costs of tuition and fees at UVM threaten to put higher education out of reach for many students.

We know this will not be fixed overnight. We hope to return to Montpelier to continue progress made during our tenure.

We are also the only legislators willing to lead a discussion to reverse recent tax cuts for the wealthy that have put us in this bind. UVM’s increased funding is at stake. Without finding new resources even UVM may be on the chopping block.

You are the future. You play an important role in the local community and the state. Let’s move forward together. Be sure to vote today!