How we’re feeling…

The Cynic Illustrations team captured their quarantine feelings in art

When words fall short in describing the coronavirus outbreak, symbolism fills in the cracks. Each illustrator was presented with the prompt: Express how the pandemic is affecting you symbolically. Using a variety of styles and mediums each illustrator had a different response.

One illustrator feels all she sees now is information related to COVID-19. Two illustrators feel this is limiting their ability to appreciate spring, a season all UVM students look forward to after surviving the harsh Vermont winter. Together this series is an emblematic response to the pandemic.

-Layout and Illustrations Editor Kate Vanni

Digital illustration by McKenna Black
Colored pencil illustration by Savanah Tebeau-Sherry
Colored pencil illustration by Irene Choi
Watercolor illustration by Eleni Pappas
Marker illustration by Izzy Pipa
Digital illustration by Cole Fekert
Digital illustration by Kate Vanni