1984 Op-Ed is Liberal Nonsense

As one of the few conservative voices at UVM, I would like to respond to Stephen Hausmann’s “1984” commentary.If you seriously believe that “Big Brother” is controlling all media outlets and information that the public receives, you have obviously been living in a cave for the past century. All major news networks (with the exception of Fox News) and press are headed by ultra left-wing liberals like Ted Turner. CNN (aka Clinton News Network), CBS, NBC and ABC all carry heavily liberal biased reports and The New York Times is probably the most blatant example in print. If you really wanted to see a government that controls everything that the public sees, maybe you should have moved to Iraq before we took out Saddam Hussein. (Oh, wait. You just made an argument for going into Iraq).Making the statement that the “U.S. is illegally monitoring its own citizens” is glaring hypocrisy in itself. Where were all of these whiny liberals when Congressman Mark Foley’s instant messages and e-mails with a congressional page were being (or not being)monitored?You also say that, “perhaps the most terrifying thing to happen to America in my 19-years is this blatant disregard for the U.S. Constitution.” That is probably one of the most anti-American, unpatriotic, idiotic things I have ever heard.As I recall, the most terrifying incident in the past 19 years was September 11th, but you, like most liberals, have forgotten the horrific events of that day all together.In the Preamble to the Constitution, the founding fathers stated, among other things, that it is the duty of the U.S. government to provide for the common defense of its people. I do not understand why you and many others believe that we should be restricting our intelligence organizations from gathering information that could possibly prevent another attack on U.S. soil.Basically, all of the propagandized statements you made in your commentary are exactly what is wrong with left-wing America. Liberals consistently make outlandish statements such as yours, because these statements eliminate the need for new information and simplify one’s life. Liberals prey on those desperate to conform to a “majority opinion.”Their statements give people a certain satisfaction in filling their appetite for something that makes them feel like they have actually formed their own opinion about something. Stephen, do a service for your country and move to France.