420 Day

Humiliation at its finestAs warm weather creeps around the corner so does the University of Vermont’s annual embarrassment. I’m not talking about the prestigious recognition we received in The Chronicle of Higher Education which ranked us as America’s #1 marijuana University. If this wasn’t embarrassing enough to contend with, UVM has April 20th as well. The drug-infested gathering that makes UVM a living joke. Like most first year students I smoked up at 420. However, last year I didn’t and was simply indifferent to the event. No one got hurt so I didn’t care. I had no idea how wrong I was. The people this event hurts are recent UVM Alumni. During two interviews in Connecticut I found myself defending my education after perspective employers asked about 420. Cynic columnist Josh Morrison wrote an article condemning the event last year. As a result the Cynic got its largest student response, all of which lashed out at Morrison. During all my time at the Cynic our student body never had voiced their opinion so loudly. Tuition got raised and no one cared; the faculty unionized and no one cared; criticize the university for turning a blind eye to marijuana use and students were outraged. I’m sure just as many students at other universities feel the same way UVM does about the legalization of marijuana. The reason other universities don’t have 420 day is because their administrations are responsible and realize the potential damage such an event does to the reputation of an institution. In short, when Chief Margolis takes April 20th back from the potheads I’ll be there to support him.Steve Messemer class of 2001