A bussing dilemma

Recently, I was waiting for the oncampus bus behind Coolidge in order to get to my first class of the day at 9:30. Although it was only 9:05 and I could have definitely got onto the Redstone Express, I made an executive decision to get a better seat on the regular on-campus bus and opted out of the Redstone Express.9:12 rolls around and the bus approaches up the small hill toward the bus stop. I notice that it is not slowing down like usual. As all hope and warmth leave my body I am struck with the shock that the bus has just sped by. As we all stand in dismay, the bus seems to mock us by spitting sand pellets at the curb by our feet. I ask a fellow student what that was all about and their reply, “to humiliate us”.What the hell? This is absolutely ridiculous! If they are going to leave people at the curb, then they should leave some students at WDW. You cannot take all the students from one dorm and leave the rest of a campus out in the cold to then have to regroup and power walk to class, and possibly risk being late. Isn’t this an On-campus bus not the WDW Express?This has happened to me numerous times while on main campus as well. Particularly near Votey and Rowell. Who is to say that the English students in Lafayette deserve a warm seat back home rather than the mathematicians?You would think, with the below freezing wind chill and the snow storms that are upon us, that UVM would up their bus numbers this season. Not only are on-campus students using the buses to get from dorm to class, but off-campus students are using the bus to travel within main campus. Who would blame them? It is freaking freezing out!With the money that most students are paying I think that they can throw in an extra bus or two during rush hours. If we are going to have buses, there needs to be enough so that students can know as they wait in the cold that they will be guaranteed a spot on the bus. Otherwise they should have just walked in the first place, but that should not be the case if we have buses at all. Buses at UVM are a great thing to have and we are very fortunate to have access to them, but UVM needs to do a better job of catering to the mass number of students using this awesome commodity during the busy and cold hours of class rush hours.Sincerely,Nicole UllianClass of 2010