A reply to Justin’s letter

Justin’s opinion is simply that a personal opinion. He quotes a phrase that “our Constitution states ‘provide for the common defense.’ while doing everythin possible to preserve their rights.” He neglects to acknowledge that the Constitution is a legal document and recognized as the law of the land. Congress is limited to making laws that are pursuant to the Constitution and are consistent with executing the powers it has been granted under the Constitution. Whether it is a preemptive strike or the patriot act all of government is bound to preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United States not simply defend this nation.He trusts government when our founders did not. The 4th amendment clearly states that all people have the right to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects which shall not be violated. Government is commanded not to infringe on our rights as sovereign independent individuals yet government implemented the patriot act that invades the privacy of the individuals without probable cause. Congress is limited to three reasons for calling up the militia enforcing the laws of the union, put down insurrect and repel invasions. All three speak to defending the integrity of this nation regardless of the method of subversive attack. There is no authority to allow a preemptive strike. Congress passed a resolution supporting the illegal premptive strike in Iraq which was beyond its power. There was overwhelming evidence that Iraq had no ability to commit any of the three offenses against the United States. There is no power given to Congress to orchestrate nation building in the world. Jurisdiction of Congress is limited to these United States where we have a right as a sovereign independent nation of this world to defend our existance. Iraq had that same right which was recognized by our founders with treaties. If we could not establish a treaty we had to stay out not conquer the country. The world is not the playground of the US nor are we empowered to be a world cop. These laws are restrictions that are as valid now as they were when penned on paper with the finalizing of the Bill of Rights with ratification in 1791. Neither Congress nor the President whoever he/she is can violate the rule of law without being a traitor and subsequently removed from office. Read the Constitution in its entirty, read the federalist papers, read history of the time of our creation. The Constitution is as applicable now as it was then. The library of Congress online is an excellent source. William Brueckner1421 Shaw Mansion RDWaterbury Ctr Vt 056771-802-244-7517Affiliation with UVM: taxpayer