A Stand From a Man

Week after week I sit and read the Cynic’s Sex and the Cynic wishing and waiting for a man to stand up and say, “No more!” Well I have personally waited long enough. While I do respect and understand the point of views being portrayed in such articles, I feel it would only be fair to allow me to give our side of the story- the man’s side of the story.I guess I’ll start with the most recent topic which was entitled ‘What Ever Happened to Chivalry?’ Let me first start off by saying the average single American female is far from oppressed by any standards. What happened to opening doors? Buying you popcorn at a movie? I would like to answer your question with another question: what happened to cooking us a meal? If a woman fights for equal pay in corporate America, then where on earth do they get off demanding to be paid for? Women simply want the best of both worlds. But I’m slightly diverged from the chivalry topic I promised to touch upon. Let’s face it, while you all preach of the nice and understanding guy you want so hopelessly to take home, you love the abuse. As soon as the guy shows interest and care, the wild goose chase is on filled with labyrinths of mind-work. Psychological studies done by D.M. Buss indicate that females are attracted to money, status, age, and stability, while men are attracted to youth, loyalty, and physical features suggesting health. Now I’m not saying that the men are being any less crude here, but I just want to ladies to take a step back and realize that they are guilty of many of the same natural humanistic desires as we. Another choice episode of Sex and the Cynic that I would like to touch upon challenged men’s abilities to keep their cool after a one night stand. This truly makes me laugh. Very often the fact that the guy doesn’t call the girl the following evening is erroneous to his feelings towards her. According to this article, women are okay with these one night stands and maintain emotional stability throughout the following weeks/months. Please, send these girls numbers to [email protected] (along with other hate mail I’m sure to spark). I would like to clarify that not calling is simply reinforcing the fact that we are friends. So when are we going to start offering our arms? When will the doors be opened? Right after you recognize that you girls are just as guilty and cynical as us, and we’ll settle it all over a batch of mom’s cupcakes. But yes Anne Tor, I will buy you a drink