Activists recover from Bramely’s locked door

Students gathered in front of Waterman last week, protesting president Bramley’s office.  “Feminists at UVM” prepared a letter addressed to Bramley, including their demand; “UVM needs to issue an ultimatum to WVMT: You drop Limbaugh, or we drop you”.  

20-30 people gathered around the staircase with signs, in protest on March 28.  Most of the individuals knew each other, cheering in agreement to what others had to say.   The spring air drew in curious bystanders as activists took turns addressing the crowd, before going to Bramley’s office.

Bramley locked his doors the day of the protest, avoiding any “Petty b.s.”, as referred to by WVMT’s sales manager, Paul Goldman in an email to Bramley.  A few short chants were shout out before the students slipped the letter under the door and walked away.

Disappointed but still in high spirits, student went back outside.  In a few moments it looked like nothing had happened.  Protesters chatted about other events going on as they walked away.

The letter included no mention of the contracts termination penalties, athletic coaches position, or plans of finding a replacement station to broadcast UVM’s sporting events. “You have to do your homework, and I don’t think those students have”, Director of student life, Patrick Brown said.

“Frankly, I am amazed at how passionate the people who oppose what we do are and how little they actually know”, Goldman said.

Protests at the library, waterman and downtown see many of the same faces standing up for different causes.  Planning frequent protests on campus is wearing out the effectiveness.

“I think that the occupy movement was a really good thing, but it made protesting ‘really in’. I feel like its a trend now to protest everything and not even have a discussion”, sophomore, Hanna Aronowitz said.

Their complaints and demands have not been met with a reply. Neither Bramley nor WVMT are taking the protesters seriously. 

“It’s just a big party”, Brown said.  He doesn’t feel the students are acting as powerfully as they could be.  Protests are planned at weekly meetings, but the lack of preparedness stop them from making a real change.

 “People just go from protest to protests. Nothing really ever comes of the protests and I think more research should be done rather then just straight action”, sophomore Samantha Mankin said.

Bramley doesn’t think the student’s complaints are an important issue.  The students “petty b.s.” hasn’t grabbed his attention enough to take any action.

“I hope this puts the matter to rest for you and you can finish out your presidency on things that truly matter to the well being of the University”, Goldman said.