“Anotomy of a Bisco Fan” Alumni perspective

As a fan of the disco biscuits, clearly I would be offended by the gross generalizations and stereotypes made by Julian Brizzi in his article “The anatomy of a Bisco Kid.” My problem with this article goes far beyond my status as a Disco Biscuits fan, but to that of a UVM alumni. I can honestly say that I’m embarrassed to come from a university whose newspaper would publish such absolute garbage. This author has clearly had a run in with a few individuals who are hardly representative of the Disco Biscuits community as a whole, and has used this negative image to represent this group in a public forum. That you would even publish such an irrelevant opinion piece is a simple waste of space, in a paper that has potential to make both student and alumni feel proud. What a disappointment. What is perhaps the most sad about this horrible article, beyond how grossly inaccurate it is, is that it was written by the arts and entertainment editor. How did this guy get this position? Julian, you owe that title more than this garbage. Your strong opinions about the music of the Disco Biscuits should be voiced elsewhere, not in a university paper where your articles are expected to be educated and informative. Your simple observations of a few Disco Biscuits fans you may know are not adequate for you to educate the UVM community and the Burlington community on what makes a fan of this band, especially when your generalizations associate all Bisco fans with drug use. You have a responsibility as a member of the cynic staff to choose a responsible topic upon which to report accurately – not to use that paper as a forum to express your distaste of a few irresponsible fans of a band you dislike. If you want to make generalizations about a group and publish them, take a Sociology class and at least learn how to do this properly. I believe it is safe to say that if the members of Sound Tribe Sector 9 and their fans knew that you were promoting their new album by bashing a band that shares in their music community, they would be disgusted. You might have just used the space in the paper you wasted on this article to actually review that new STS9 album, rather than using it as weapon in bashing a band and fan group that you dislike.-Brad Desmond, class of 2004