Apples and Oranges Is in the Definition

To the Editor: The removal of the Chief Justice of Alabama’s Supreme Court is a bright light on the horizon for preserving the integrity and principles of this nation. This judgment reaffirmed the idea that we are a Republic with Constitutions because neither our rule of law nor any person is above our law; from the president on down everyone is accountable to the law. We have heard that the war in Iraq is parallel to the Vietnam War but nowhere do we find any comparison to the Russian/Afghanistan war. The super power failed in spite of overwhelming military might. In the face of an overwhelming military force a guerilla (terrorist) war is the only type of warfare that these people/nations/cultures can fight. Guerillas neutralize might. Divisions of Iraqi troops never even fought; they just melted into the population and allowed the U.S. to enter and take over Baghdad. Further, suicide bombing is a basic method of their warfare. Tanks and cruise missiles are useless when you cannot tell the enemy from civilians. Russia did not win in Afghanistan; the U.S. didn’t win in Vietnam. In fact the mighty imperialists, too, from whom we won our freedom, were forced out of the rest of the world by terrorists. There was serious disdain between America’s freedom fighters and the Tories loyal to Great Britain. Similarly, the Iraqi war is one that we cannot win. Anyone who tries to define Iraqis as terrorists never experienced the terror of any type of war. Regardless, definitions have no bearing on the results; either way, people die. The future is clear because the Iraqis and Muslims from that part of the world have proven that they have resolve. Their resolve is defense of their homeland and they are willing to pay with their lives. Dissimilarly, the resolve of our president is such that he is only willing to pay for it with the lives of everyone else. Moreover, we Americans are invaders-not defenders-of our homeland. There is no difference between a terrorist car bomb and a cruise missile; all methods of warfare are terrorism. In the Revolutionary war we were terrorists fighting the imperial super power! Now our government is sending more untrained Guards and people into the war. We are not defending the freedoms and liberty of this nation; we are sacrificing citizens on the altar of tyranny that runs rampant in this government. Where are the generals who are responsible for the welfare of their troops and the proper use of the military? Neither the president, Congress nor the generals are looking out for the welfare of Americans, our citizen military. All are supporting this illegal, unconstitutional and preemptive act of aggression without regard to the rights of the military as citizens. Support the troops-send a message to Congress that requires that they resign after throwing this group of pirates out of the White House. Our government has been seized for the personal use of those in government, Congress included. Reinstate our constitution and the rule of law particularly for the use of the military as defenders of the homeland against invasion. Our government has been highjacked for illegal, unconstitutional purposes and we have a responsibility to throw the bums out. Make representative government representative again. Make all government accountable to us.