April Fools: Diggin’ in the crates

The B-Side raided WRUV’s impenetrable music vaults and yanked some classic re?cords. This is the real deal and you – dear readers – need only reap the benefits. DJ Edible Latex, of WRUV, recommends his top five records to have sex to that are also about sex. Here’s what he came up with from the WRUV “Never Ever Play on the Air” bin in their restroom. So lube up and party up!Music To Make Love ByVarious Artists(Ultra Records)This is prob?ably my favorite record to listen to when I go to the … uh, well there’s this little shed that I spend most of my weekend in, you know, so I can breathe heavily and stuff. This record is especially interesting because its musicians and vocalists musically interpret what it was like hearing your parents have sex for the first time. Fantastic!Erotic LoungeVarious Artists(Sbme Import)This album is mostly made up of music coming out of the up and coming Der Sexen Klub scene in Berlin. Every single lyric on this record is sampled from secret listening devices planted by the musicians capturing the coked and horny getting it on in club restrooms. “Herr Hairy Bear” stands out as a call and response micro-house track between two buff dudes!Sinners Lounge; The Erotic SessionsVarious Artists(Sony BMG)Ever wondered what happened to Ally Mcbeal or Laura from “Family Matters?” Well, they’re back together again producing this ecclectic, sexy mix with exclusive, never released recordings by bands like the The Clitori, Pearl Necklace, The Back Door Beats, Feces Drive and Rub It On Your Body. Tantalizing!Booty ShakeVarious Artists(Empire Musicwerks)Ever make it in the back of a Pinto in Miami, Fl.? Well, neither have I (successfully), but if i did you’d better believe that this is what I’d listen to. Filled with booty shaking beats, this compilation of booty beats is the most legit comp tape of Miami bass aka Baltimore bass aka booty bass, with tracks like the infamous “Shake Your Junky Girl” to back it up!Bedroom TapesCandy Lounge(Self Released)This is a collection of the best that erotic lo-fi recordings in recent years has to offer. After leaving the United States in 1993, Candy Lounge set their sights on living wild and free in countries where there is no age of consent or laws against getting it on with your favorite barnyard animal. But now they’re back in the United States of Sexy and ready to get wet and slippery!