April Fools: Kitchen Cuisine

Of all the recipes featured in this column, this one has received the highest praise from all who have encountered it. Its creative construction and its ability to be consumed easily make it a great party food or hangover cure.Ingredients:-One large jar of Medium Pace Salsa-One large tomato-Two tablespoons cinnamon-One can jalapeños-One package of twelve tortillas-Three bananas-One pound ground beef-Two tablespoons olive oil-One small pineapple yogurtFirst, peel and slice the bananas at a slight diagonal to make slightly larger pieces. Fill a frying pan with the olive oil and heat until slightly simmering. Place the banana slices in the oil and fry for about thirty seconds, then flip to the other side and fry for another thirty seconds.Next, place four tortillas in the bottom of a 9×11 baking dish. Remove the banana slices from the frying pan and add the beef. Cook until meat is well done. There should be no pink anywhere in the beef. Meanwhile, heat the oven to 300 degrees.Mix the beef with the pineapple yogurt and layer on top of the tortillas. Place the fried banana on top of the meat. These bananas are very close to the Spanish equivalent of fried plantains, a Mexican delicacy. Layer more tortillas on top of the bananas.Continue the layering process in the order of tomatoes, jalapeños, salsa, and tortillas. Top the entire thing with cinnamon once the ingredients have run out. Bake in the oven for about forty minutes, remove from the oven, and cut the casserole into square for easy dipping ability.Serve and listen to the compliments on your creative new twist on Mexican food. To all brave cooking souls, good luck!