Arts and Sciences Dean Resigns

Joan Smith has resigned after her tenure as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, the university’s college. Smith has battled cancer for the past nine years; during this time she underwent treatment while holding her position.

Regardless of whether students, faculty or staff agreed or disagreed with what action she took as Dean, most all admired and still admire her energy and charisma in fulfilling her duties as Dean while undergoing heavy treatment to fight the cancer.

Smith’s cancer has spread aggressively; she has decided along with her family and doctor to stop all medical treatment. Smith is now home in Hartland, VT under the care of Hospice with her five children, four grandchildren and husband.

In describing Smith’s battled with cancer and her determination to not to let it stop her from carrying out all that is required of a Dean, professor Huck Gutman called her action “heroic”.