Ask Dr. Iknowitall

Dr. Iknowitall is here give you all the answers to your problems! No more wondering, Dr. Iknowitall knows it all! Dear Dr. Iknowitall, I have an SGA, a number of them actually. I slept with a lot of people, I don’t know who and now I have alotta SGA’s actually. What should I do? A friend told me to see a Dr. and get treatment, maybe see someone at the Counceling Center, But I don’t know. I really don’t want to, and I trust you, so what do you think I should do? – Sick in SimpsonDear Sick in Simpson, Don’t worry, the burning will go away eventually. Just keep working it out and it will go away. Keep having permiscuous sex, and that will solve everything. It’ll make you feel better and and of course your partners will be perfectly safe, don’t worry. What your friend said about seeking professional help is just ludicrus! They won’t treat you. Just relax, and I’d bet it’ll go away. You don’t need the Counceling Center when you have me! I know everything to know about everything, so don’t you worry, I’m Dr. Iknowitall. – Dr. IknowitallHave a question for Dr. Iknowitall? Contact SGA iknow [email protected] the ***.com