At a Loss For Words

To the Editor: I am in a state of disbelief after reading “Pharmaceutical Drug Abuse On UVM Campus,” an article that appeared in the Feb. 18 issue of the Cynic. The article failed to give reasons for the problem, health consequences of pharmie abuse, legal consequences of pharmie abuse, the affects pharmie abuse has had on UVM, or steps being taken to correct the problem. However, the article was successful in telling students how to get pharmies, where to get pharmies, the price of pharmies, the positive affects of pharmies, which pharmies are better than others, good ways to use pharmies, bad ways to use pharmies, and specific reasons to use specific pharmies. On top of that the article suggests that learning disabilities such as ADD do not exist, and it also insinuates that students who have been diagnosed with such learning disabilities and prescribed drugs to help correct such disabilities are nothing more than socially acceptable drug users or drug dealers. The article demonstrated a lack of responsibility by the writer, and it called into question the credibility of the Cynic as a whole. I think I can speak for the student body when I say that we expect more from the Cynic in the future. Thank you very much.Greg HoffmanClass of 2004