Athlete Profile of the Week: Arthur Femenella

Arthur Femenella, “The Destroyer”HOMETOWN: Annandale, NJHT: 6’7″WT: 255 lbsNO: 15POS: DefenseYR: Junior”The Biggest recruit in Division I Hockey in 2003-04” Funny Childhood Memory: I was quite the pain in the butt growing up. My Mother, Nancy, should have gotten a medal when I moved out of the house. I learned to press peoples’ buttons from a very early age especially hers. Making my Mother’s job, who stayed home with me and my sister, very difficult. I remember being in a “Friendlys” restaurant when I was a kid. The place was packed! My family and I had just been seated. I must have been about 5 or 6. My mother had just mentioned that we were going to start going to church more often starting with this coming Sunday. Keep in mind I had kind of a bad temper when I was a kid. I stood up on the seat in the booth that we were seated at, and at the top of my lungs, yelled to the busy restaurant,” Why do I have to visit God, if He never comes to visit me!” And of course, the whole restaurant started laughing at me. Then I started getting mad at them for laughing. I still don’t know how my Mother survived raising me.Greatest Accomplishment: Most people would probably look at the overview of my life and answer this question pretty easily. They would probably say, “Being drafted, right?” Don’t get me wrong here, that was an unbelievable day, and one that I will never forget. But for me, it was something totally different. A couple of summers ago, my father and I were sitting on the front porch talking as we often do in the summertime. He began to tell me how happy he was with the person that I have become. To be held in such a good light by such an amazing man who has conquered so many things, and accomplished so much, meant the world to me. I have always said, “If I turn out to be half the man that he is in my life, I’ll be content.”Future Plans (if you don’t go pro): It’s funny, I have been thinking about that more and more lately. I always tend to think more about that when I am injured and can’t play (my bad back right now). I guess it’s only natural. But the thing that I most look forward to is getting married and starting a family. Maybe helping my Brother-in-law take over my father’s business. It’s kind of impossible to think about that stuff now. With the career that my teammates and I have chosen, it’s so hard to know where you’re going to be in the country, or the world for that matter; or for how long. And I think this question is very hard for athletes, because we’re almost trained not to think about it, only to worry about who we’re playing this weekend.Favorite NHL team: I would have to say the New Jersey Devils. I grew up watching them ever since I had the urge to play. Watching guys like Scott Stevens, Ken Daneyko and Bruce Driver. I actually played for the NJ Devils youth hockey team for a couple of years. Sometimes some of the guys would take the time to come on the ice with us and show us some things. Of coarse I was a fan, what little kid wouldn’t be?What you Love best About UVM: I know you probably never hear this answer to this question, but I love the weather. I hate the heat. I’ll take the cold and snow over sweating all the time in the heat any day. But, I also love to surf almost more than anything in my life, so go figure.Biggest Regret: I would have to say that my biggest regret in my life is not spending more time with my older Sister, Lauren. She has always thought of me first in her life, in whatever she has ever done. And I’m not sure that I have done the same. She has spent countless days and nights in freezing hockey rinks all across the country watching me play. All I could do when I was a kid, was whine about going to see her sing at her musical recitals that were only twice a year. Now she’s been married for almost 4 years, and is pregnant with her first child. I just feel like I missed my window… But there is a positive side to that too, maybe I can make up that time, not with her, but with my Niece, who is waiting to be born in mid-May.