Atmosphere at Higher Ground

Slug, the emcee from Minnesota-based sensation Atmosphere, describes his style best. When playing a show a few years ago at Higher Ground here in Burlington, he told the crowd that he doesn’t make music for women, he makes music for manic-depressive women. He is a pioneer of a type of music that has come to be known as emo-rap, for lack of a better term. The group Atmosphere, which is composed of emcee Slug and producer Ant, is a clear alternative to the rough and rugged style brought to us by rappers who live the street life as well as the rhyme life. Some people can relate to the stories of finding ambition and hope in a world of hopelessness that are brought to us by rappers like Nas, Jay-Z, the fellas from State Property, and Grafh. But for rap fans who relate more to Garden State than Blow or Gangs of New York, Atmosphere has something for you. Do you contemplate suicide and the meaning of life after a break-up with your significant other? Do you enjoy feeling sorry about yourself? Do you prefer meekly complaining about your situation to fighting to change it? If you answered yes to any of these questions you might find solace in the lyrics of emotionally sensitive, meaning of life pondering, alternative rap wizard Slug. Rolling Stone magazine calls him an “indie-rap hero” with “star potential to spare.” This “poet of romantic dysfunction” is known for his complex rhymes and innovative subject matter. What he lacks in self-confidence Slug makes up in microphone skills and gives audiences a strangely captivating and interactive stage show. Catch him this week Tuesday, October 11th, at the Higher Ground Ballroom.