Bake sales and origami crane-making raise $15,800 in aid

Looking for a freshly baked good or the opportunity to make origami? Students and faculty are raising money for Japan through bake sales in the Davis Center and origami crane-making workshops. An origami crane-making session sponsored by the Japanese Program was held on March 24 to raise money to send to Japan, Senior Lecturer Suzuki Carlson said. The paper cranes will be sent to Student Rebuild, an organization promoting the Paper Cranes for Japan project, the Student Rebuild website stated. The group provides people with an easy way to take action and help Japan, according to the Student Rebuild website. “For every paper crane we send, the Bezos Family Foundation will donate $2 to Architecture for Humanity’s reconstruction efforts in Japan up to $200,000,” according to the Fundraising for Japan flyer. One thousand four hundred paper cranes were made during the workshop, which raised $2,800. In total, Carlson said he has collected over 6,400 paper cranes, which is equivalent to $12,800. Carlson said he will continue to collect paper cranes until April 11. The workshop attracted at least 50 people, including Japanese language students, faculty, students living in the Japan House in the Living/Learning Center and Burlington community members, Carlson said. “Making paper cranes is a fun way to get involved in a good cause,” sophomore Jesse Keefe said, “What is easier than that?” In addition to the paper crane-making project, sophomore Teruki Watanabe said he has raised a total of $3,000 from collecting donations around campus and selling baked good. Watanabe said he raised $1,500 after making announcements in classes and asking for donations from UVM students and faculty. “I am impressed that a lot more people are very enthusiastic about helping Japan,” Watanabe said. “Some individuals donated more than $50.” Fifteen hundred dollars was additionally made from selling freshly baked goods in the Davis Center, he said. Watanabe has created a group on campus to support the people in Japan, he said. The group plans on organizing a memorial ceremony for victims in Japan, a fundraising soccer tournament on campus and events collaborating with local farms, Watanabe said.