Board of Trustees approves $4 million Redstone repairs

Redstone dining may be dressing to the nines this semester, but the dorm rooms are about to undergo renovations as well. The Board of Trustees approved the $4 million renovation of Mason Simpson Hamilton residential complex last week, Director of Capital Planning and Management Robert Vaughan said. “It’s great to be able to begin the renovation of the MSH Complex directly following the renovation of the Redstone dining facility,” Vaughan said. The project was presented to the Educational Policy and Institutional Resources (EPIR) Committee in October of last year and passed on to the Budget, Finance and Investment Committee for review, according to the committee’s Capital Project Summary. The project consists of two phases, the first of which passed for approval, the document stated. Phase one’s aim is to reconstruct the exterior of the complex in addition to some interior changes of the Simpson Hall, according to the document. Some specific goals of phase one include new roofing for the whole complex, as well as new plumbing, lighting, heating and interior design of the bathrooms in Simpson. Seventy-eight select dorm rooms will also be renovated, including new flooring, lighting and windowsill installations, the document stated. Some students say that the new project is sparking excitement across campus. “I love living on Redstone,” sophomore Paul Stonewall said. “With all these renovations happening, I am definitely hoping to live here again next fall.” The long-term goal and phase two of this project will be proposed in October 2012. The goal is to extend the interior improvements to Mason and Hamilton halls, the document stated. “Once completed, I believe the complex will provide a much improved living space for the students, and with the improvements in the dining facility, will certainly enhance the Redstone experience,” Vaughan said.