Bob Saget gets dirty in front of a full house

In the early 90s, Bob Saget was living the high life. Achieving groundbreaking success with two top ten primetime series, “Full House” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” he made a name for himself as America’s favorite dad. In recent years, however, Saget has managed to turn his clean-cut image right on its head. Perhaps still living the high life, his cameo as a narcotics addict in the 1998 stoner classic, “Half Baked,” was indicative of the roles he was soon going to pursue. In 2005, Saget stole the show in “The Aristocrats,” which The New York Times called the “most extravagantly obscene documentary ever made” about the long-standing joke of the same title shared amongst comedians since the days of Vaudeville. From over the thirty comedians sharing the same, outrageously dirty joke, Saget’s rendition paints the most colorful portrait: an incestuous orgy ending with feces flying around like spin art. And, in the second season of HBO’s hit show, “Entourage,” Saget appeared as the friendly bong-toking neighbor, always in pursuit of the right prostitute. So, it wasn’t particularly difficult for Saget to warm up to a crowd of anxiously awaiting college students Monday night at UVM’s Patrick Gymnasium. His routine was arguably the foulest UVM has ever seen. While most comedians avoid digressions, Saget used them to his advantage. While mocking of his saccharine persona, he somehow continuously diverged into topics of various sexual positions and bestiality. His conversational approach kept the audience on its toes, not knowing if they were going to be his next comedic target. It was strangely comforting to learn from Saget’s standup show that he still remains close with the cast of “Full House,” and yes, even the Olsen twins. And who would have thought that Dave Couilier, aka Uncle Joey, shaved his testicles? While Saget has moved on from his “Full House” days, the basis of his standup is certainly recalling old times, and he talked with Cynic about that and more. Vermont Cynic: Lately there has been a lot of press circulating around your image. It seems that since “Full House,” you’ve been exposing a darker and dirtier side. Have you received any criticism for taking on roles that are so unlike Danny Tanner?Bob Saget: Well, I started doing standup before “Full House.” But people definitely got to know me from the show. It’s like the Brady Bunch. Its what I’m known for, and I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing now if it wasn’t for that show. People know my sense of humor, they know I’m ‘R’ rated, and know the show was only demonstrating one of many things I’m capable of as an actor. VC: Even though you were on camera in “The Aristocrats” for roughly seven minutes, your appearance definitely received notable attention. How many different versions do you tell and which comedians’ versions do you particularly enjoy? BS: Well, I actually don’t remember what I said. I just got in the zone and did it. I think Gilbert Gottfried and Sarah Silverman were great. She was just very much in character… But there were people who weren’t in it, who I would have loved for them to be. Like Bill Cosby, and Jerry Seinfeld. I liked the clean comics who rarely do that dirty sort of thing. VC: What are some of your favorite shows on television right now? BS: My daughter and I watch “Project Runway” together. I love “South Park” and “The Simpsons,” basically what everybody else watches.VC: If you weren’t acting, writing, or making movies, what would you be doing?BS: I actually wanted to be a doctor, but I couldn’t handle the idea of med school. I did terrible in all sciences. I just couldn’t apply myself. I was nine when I picked up a camera and started making movies. I went to Temple University in Philly, and made sixty hours of student films and actually won the Student Academy Award.VC: What other projects are you currently working on?BS: Right before I came here I was actually working on the ending credits for a new movie that I wrote, directed, and produced called “Farce of the Penguins.” It’s a parody of course, of “March of Penguins.” A lot of people are in it, but its all voiceovers. It’s all stock footage of actual penguins. We didn’t shoot a frame of film, its just penguins. Their mouths don’t move, they just walk around and have sex. And I have a new game show that will be on NBC soon called, “1 vs. 100.”