Book names UVM disability friendly

UVM has been named one of America’s most disability friendly colleges in the newly published book,  “College Success for Students with Physical Disabilities.” The guidebook for prospective college freshmen with physical disabilities or mental conditions was released Feb. 1 and is a tool for navigating collegiate life, according to Prufock Press.   “‘College Success for Students With Physical Disabilities’ offers individuals the confidence, strategies and guidance they need to effectively choose a college and get prepared for university life,” Prufock Pressstated. The book is meant to address important concerns including living arrangements and classroom necessities, and recognizes colleges and universities that address these issues. The book also contains a list of colleges and universities that provide full disability service or services that meet or exceed the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).   UVM was named on the ADA-Plus list, which characterizes schools that have provided services beyond the requirements of the ADA. Other universities that also exceed ADA standards include University of Arizona, Rutgers University, University of Florida and University of California. “I think it’s a commendable thing,” first-year Ryan Southworth said. “I feel proud to go to a school with that kind of reputation.”