WARNING: These blogs are highly addictive and should be visited at your discretion1. Stuff white people – This blog should also be added to itself as it’s a fairly popular read. The amusement comes from the fact that the stuff “white people like,” people actually like. Similar blogs: Stuff on My Cat.2. Bad – For any sports fans out there, this blog gives you the facts and the news but with a twist. The site itself tells the reader that it is a mix of “COPS and SportsCenter.” The sports fans themselves recommend it. Similar blogs: Dead Spin, Off Wing Opinion.3. – This blog is like a mesh of art and science. It offers thumbnails of pictures which you can click on to get more information on the featured photo, which include new products, artworks, ideas — basically anything for your amusement. Similar blogs: Cool Hunting, Gizmodo, Flickr.4. – Of course, there’s always celebrity news, and who doesn’t love that? Well, this blog offers just that. It acts almost like an online magazine, only “without airbrushing.” Similar blogs: Perez Hilton, Haig – Basically, if you want to know the latest media news without leaving your room, this is the blog for you. A bit more formal than most, it can still amuse, amaze and inform. Similar blogs: Digg, Geeksugar.6. Hype – Who doesn’t like new and free music? Hype Machine collects all the new free music that is posted to blogs across the internet and then puts them in one place. Similar blogs: Pandora, Seeqpod, Radio.