Boulder Honor Society accepting nominations

  UVM’s Boulder Honor Society, known for their green jackets and mysterious round stone outside of Old Mill, is now accepting applications for new members for the class of 2013. Students must be nominated in order to apply, the website stated. The Society, open to seniors, has been in existence since 1905 originally serving the purpose of connecting the student body to the administration, according to the website. Now, the Boulder Society serves as the University’s preeminent honor society for students with “outstanding leadership, scholarship, and service to the University and surrounding community,” the website stated. The society is the oldest in the country. In addition to the Boulder Honor Society, the Tower Society is also accepting nominations until Feb. 19. The Tower Society was founded in 1981 to serve as a women’s alternative to the male-only Boulder Society, the website stated. Since 2008 the Society has expanded to include those struggling with gender identity as well. To be considered for the Boulder Society or the Tower Society, students should have above a 3.0 GPA and be an outstanding member of the community.