Bret Weir’s article “80,00”

I’d like to respond to the article “$80,000” by Bret Weir in the last issue of the Cynic.Finally a person who is realistic enough to speak out the truth about the UVM Hockey Team. It’s not a brain surgery to realize that hockey is big in the Green Mountain State. UVM hockey receives the most financial support and respect from the UVM Athletic Department. The men’s tennis team on the other hand struggles most of the time to pay the expenses for a one week spring break trip to Texas. I am aware that financial resources are limited, but I would also hope that they would be more or less equally distributed. In my opinion, financial support should be awarded accordingly to the sport’s team results of the last semester. The basketball team, for example, who had an amazing last season should be awarded for their hard work and examplary cooperation.Let’s hope that the disastrous playing of the hoceky cats will make some people in the administartion aware that their financial policies are archaic and simply misguided.Zeljko Knezevic(captain of men’s tennis team)Senior 2003