Brief: SGA Presidential candidate accused of overspending

SGA Presidential candidate Kofi Mensah has been accused of exceeding campaign spending limits, SGA Elections Committee Chair Katie Rifkin said.Mensah said that he feels the sanctions are unfair because the Elections Committee miscalculated his spending.The Committee voted to issue a sanction, which requires him to take down all of his campaign posters, Rifkin said.”We had several [students and senators] approach us with concerns about the number of fliers,” she said. “It was enough that the committee thought it should be something to look into.”Mensah said that he did not exceed spending limits because he was required to take down some of his posters and that he used his own printer and supplies, which should not count.”If I can no longer use [the posters I took down] why are they still factored in my campaign budget? That wasn’t made clear,” Mensah said.However, the candidates attended a meeting that explained the regulations, Rifkin said.”I think [the rules have] been pretty explicit in the past few years,” she said.Mensah has requested an appeal but has been very cooperative with the sanction, she said. SGA Executive Committee will evaluate the appeal and make a decision. The date of that decision is pending.Full updated article: