Brothers Past Returns!

After graduating from UVM in May, life has changed a bit. I have become the boring nine to five, go to bed early, cubicle dwelling number puncher that I always dreaded. Watching people go out on a Tuesday night is like watching television; it’s not reality. I’m now one of the locals that complains about the student’s noise. However, as I was walking home from work, I passed a flyer reading “Brothers Past, the third secret of the third eye.” Could this be true, or was this just a flyer from last year? I logged onto and sure enough it’s true! Last year the Philadelphia quartet ran a bus from Burlington to Waitsfield for an evening at the Eclipse Theatre. I partook in the festivities and it was the greatest night of my college career. What could be better than a night of evil drum n’ bass from a live band in a beautiful theatre? How about doing it again! Thank the lord for the third eye, whatever it is, because apparently there is life after college. I have some pent-up, cubicle induced steam to blow off, and this Saturday at the Eclipse I am going to show the students how its done. Greg Hoffman; UVM Alumni, class of 2004