buel street beat

this letter comes in response to the recent article on quality of life violations that are so prevelant around burlington. for some reason president fogel and uvm/burlington police are under the impression that the only item that constitutes everyone’s quality of life in this city is the noise level. aparently the fact that most uvm students live in rapidly decaying and vastly overpriced slumified houses that landlords and the city are in no way held accountable for. as long as the city continues to receive money from students over so called noise violations they will continue to turn a blind eye to glaring violations to our quality of life. for instance my house on a certain street so directly targeted in last weeks article has had ilegible graffitti spewed across its most prominant side since mid way through the summer. when i moved into said house at the beginning of the school semester i was informed by my landlord that the city of burlington would be taking care of it. Although the city could not spare any of their resources on a can of white paint, within the first 48hrs they did find it necisary to park a cop outside of our house intermitingly for three hours waiting to question each of my housemates about a noise violation that was reported at 5:00 pm on a saturday afternoon. it’s time the city of burlington and president fogel stops trampeling on student rights and remember that students play an important role in the economic livlihood of this city, in other ways than just noise fines, and many concider themselves to be residents of this city. our qaulity of life is just as important as any other resident of this city.Matt SandyClass of 2004