Bush is Right, Clark’s Op-Ed is Treason

It is in the nation’s best interest that you stop printing libel articles about our president, George W. Bush. When you publish such ar-ticles, it tears our nation down by creating mistrust in the govern-ment which only leads to feud-ing. It’s tantamount to treason when you call him an idiot, de-fame one of our nations state’s, and unjustly question his mo-tives for defending our nation from terrorism. It is obvious that every president is scrutinized carefully throughout his tenure, but the obsession your paper, and others in the nation, have about watching his every move goes beyond the tolerable scrutiny. The most outrageous attacks are not the ones on his character, but those on his policies that are vital to our nation. Whenever you blast him for going to war in Iraq, or for sending more troops, it drives those of us with even half a brain crazy. It’s insane for you to think that a war can be won without casualties, and even more insane to think only a few thousand soldiers can win a war. If you want the war in Iraq to be over, with only a couple hundred peacekeeping troops left in the country, then you need to realize that objective can only be ac-complished by sending in a large amount of troops, roughly a half million, to forcefully, swiftly, and efficiently eliminate opposition. The war in Iraq is Vietnam all over again, where the foreign war was lost because the domes-tic war between two sides of a nation grew out of hand. Equally damaging to our nation is when calls are made to question Bush’s motives for starting the war. I will admit, we may never know if there were actually weapons of mass destruction in Iraq or not, but the absence of evidence does not conclusively mean an absence of a crime. What is lost in all the liberal-ized debates over Bush’s person-al motives for the war is the fact that we could not find out if Iraq did indeed have weapons of mass destruction because the Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, would not allow us to find out if he did or did not possess them. Another issue lost in your editorials is the blatant disregard for the crimes against humanity being commit-ted by Hussein. You can not say the war was unjust and then walk into a vot-ing booth on Election Day, it’s hypocrisy, especially so if you’re a woman. Because of Bush’s actions, millions of Iraqi woman finally have the freedom to vote for their nation’s leaders. Fur-ther more, thousands of Kurds are able to not only vote, but to walk around without worrying about Hussein’s campaign of genocide against them. Our President may not be the best one to come around, but he is certainly competent in office, cares about the rights of other humans, and unlike his opponent in the 2004 election, he is actu-ally decisive and will take action. Bush does not deserve the slandering and libel against him by the media, and our nation does not deserve to be divided by such slander and libel. You need to think of the effects your articles will have on our nation before you publish them, and most im-portantly, you need to apologize to our nation for trying to divide us.