Car Burgaries on Rise

April 2006 marks a high point in car burglaries and thefts at the University of Vermont. This month there have been six automobiles broken into already, which is twice the amount that occurred in April last year. The criminals have primarily stolen audio equipment from the cars and every incident involved smashed out windows used to provide the burglar with an entrance into the vehicles. The most sought after audio equipment stolen in April is CD/Radio units, but subwoofers, amplifiers, CD’s, radar detectors and snowboards have also been reported as stolen items. Of the six break-ins this month three were in the Wing parking lot and three were in the Simpson parking lot. There does not appear to be a specific type or style of car that is consistently broken into, but the method is uniform in that all the different cars had windows smashed out and CD players were the primary target of the thief. UVM Police Chief Gary Margolis issued a statement in response to the thefts that warns students to be precautious about leaving valuable items in their cars unattended, and that all students should “Secure stereos and/or face plates. Don’t leave cell phones, wallets, purses, iPods, skis, snowboards, recreational equipment, money, important documents, computers, etc. unattended, or if you must then conceal them.” Margolis also warned that “if you hear a car alarm or witness suspicious activity, call Police Services.” It was said by UVM Police Officer Larry Magnant that UVM police have new evidence that could help them in their investigation. UVM police recovered a screwdriver and fingerprints from the second break in the Simpson parking lot this month. No suspected leads have been provided to the Cynic. Although there have been an unprecedented number of break-ins this month compared to past Aprils, the over all frequency of vehicle burglaries is equal to the frequency last year and is lower then the rate in 2003 by a significant margin.