Catamount Pride

I am writing to express my concern over the recent intermittent display of school spirit evidenced by the student body. I attended the men’s basketball game against Hartford on February 23 to find a dismal crowd in comparison with this season’s regularly sold out gymnasium. As I looked to the stands, I found it was the student section that was empty. Despite the injury and loss of Taylor Coppenrath, who has risen as our local hero, the community still showed up and displayed their Catamount pride as vocally as ever. But where were the students?As a fan who has not missed a single home game in three years, and has even traveled to see the boys on the road once or twice, I was as heart broken as everyone else to hear the news of Taylor Coppenrath’s injury. But where is the pride in the Catamounts as a team? Now more than ever they need the support of their fans and fellow students, and are an amazing team that should be commended and celebrated for their hard work and ability to overcome this obstacle. Where are the fans when the team needs you most?Jennifer Marquis, Class of 2004