Cat$cratch Scam?

Rumors of a Catscratch scam are dispelled after weeks of student speculation of over-charging. CatScratch is the point sys-tem that allows students to make purchases at locations other than University dining facilities, such as downtown restaurants and shops, using their CatCard. CatScratch can also be used on copy machines, laundry machines, and vend-ing machines around campus. Students conjectured that when they made a purchase, their CatScratch account was charged a rounded amount, rather than the actual cost of the product they purchased. This widely accepted notion is untrue. “CatScratch works just like meal points, dollar for dollar, penny for penny,” said Kristine Leavitt, the techni-cal support specialist at the CatCard Service Center. Cards are charged the exact amount of the purchase. Leavitt explains that the only area which may cause confusion among students is when using CatScratch on copy, laundry and vending machines. The point of sale system will obtain a preautho-rized amount until the transac-tion is complete. “The machine escrows it for a moment, then immediately gives it back.” The only cost that students may be charged when using CatScratch is when they depos-it money from a credit card to the CatCard via the UVM Web site. This fee is to service the Web site. If students go to the office to deposit money in their CatScratch account there is no fee. Though students are charged the exact amount of their purchase, there is no in-surance on CatScratch. If a student loses their card any charges made will not be re-funded. Students must imme-diately report a lost card so that it can be disabled and no money or points will be lost.