Change in B-town

This afternoon confirmed what I have long known about UVM students: you are not only friendly, open and intelligent, but are also informed, caring and committed to what for many is their adopted “home” state of Vermont.I spent my afternoon on the first floor of the Davis Center today, signing up voters and talking politics with involved students who found time to talk amongst their busy schedules.I am so excited to be running for the City Council in Burlington’s Ward 6, which includes Redstone campus down South Prospect Street and down Maple Street to St Paul. I lived on Robinson Parkway in Burlington as a kid andloved growing up in a college town. I attended UVM as did my husband, sister, brother in law, and parents. Even after receiving a degree outside of Vermont, I found my way back to this city I love.I am running for City Council for much of the same reasons Barack Obama is running, though of course on a much different scale. Sitting today with the students for the Obama campaign made me realize the dramatic similarity in our goals and campaigns: We need change on Burlington’s City Council.Burlington especially needs change with regard to its financial situation. With property taxes rising at three times the rate of inflation, stagnant growth in our tax base and a city pension system that will be insolventwhen the baby boomers retire, Burlington faces real financial problems that your generation will have to pay for if we don’t start making changes now.All three of these challenges have been known for over 7 years. It is time to resolve these issues so we can get onwith planning for the future of our city.We need change so Burlington can prosper; and we need a City Council with the experience needed to generate change. I have a decade of service to Burlington and have been on two city commissions, Burlington Electric andBurlington Police.I and was nominated to serve on the latter by all the Democrats on the City Council and was recently asked byProgressive Mayor Bob Kiss to serve on the task force to address our pension challenges.I have served Burlington as an Independent and will continue to effect change and move Burlington forward if elected.In addition to city government experience, I have had a career in financial analysis for institutions and individuals since college. Much of what goes on with the City Council is financial in nature.Growing up in UVM’s backyard, I appreciate the value of having the University in Burlington. What UVM brings to Burlington can’t be measured only in dollars. It is the culture, the social awareness and the lifeblood of the campus – its students.I wish every resident of Burlington could see what I saw at the Davis Center today! Besides, if you haven’t eaten at Feel Good, you haven’t lived!Please remember to voteRespectfully,Karen PaulBurlington, VT