Chi Alpha officers would have to “profess” Christianity on campus

SGA does not recognize clubs that discriminate. However, some say they are about to.Chi Alpha’s constitution states “[All officers] will profess Christian faith as expressed in the Nicene Creed, and they will support the mission and values of national Chi Alpha Campus Ministries.” Claire Chevrier, SGA Student Activities Chair, who is in charge of reviewing clubs’ constitutions for discrepancies, said she was concerned about Chi Alpha’s proposed constitution.”When I saw that statement about the officers I said ‘red flag, that doesn’t seem right,'” Chevrier said. “I initially thought they would have to change that to abide by our discrimination policy, but they were passionate about keeping it in there because they were worried about the longevity of the club.”After review from the Legal Counsel, it was determined that the constitution would not be considered discriminatory because the word “profess” technically means to accept or deny, she said.Chevrier said she encouraged the organization to change the word “profess” to something clearer and Chi Alpha elected to keep the word in the constitution.There is currently a U.S. Supreme Court Case about a similar situation. If the court decision goes in favor of the club, the SGA could be sued if the club is not recognized, Chevrier said.”The word ‘profess’ gets the point across without being a problem,” she said. “Technically we have to recognize them because they have everything they need to be a club, and that’s what the Supreme Court said.”Despite the ruling of the University Legal Counsel, some students say they would feel discriminated against if Chi Alpha were recognized.”I was raised Jewish and I feel discriminated against by this, why wouldn’t they want to use language that was clearly not discriminatory?” an anonymous student said. “I have to pay a student activities fee which will be funding that club and I don’t feel comfortable with that.””The language itself is not discrimination because it is so broad,” Director of Student Life  Pat Brown said. “The decision on whether or not to approve them as a club is up to the SGA.”