Chromeo shines bright in Patrick Gymnasium

Saturday night marked the first annual Fall Fest, headlined by Chromeo. Put on by SA Concerts, the event took place in the Patrick Gymnasium. Starting off the show, supporting act Bonjour-Hi! tried to get the crowd dancing, with help from the UVM Catamount Dance Crew who danced on stage with them throughout their set. Bonjour-Hi! used the event to promote their Sunday night residency downtown at Nectar’s, throwing CDs and glow sticks off the stage.However, the concert hardly hit full swing until the arrival of the leading act. Entering to fans chanting “Chromeo-oh-oh,” the band’s appearance brought everyone to the dance floor. Behind synthesizers and keyboards held up by glowing, high-heeled mannequin legs, Chromeo’s two members, Dave 1 and P-Thugg were greeted by a hail of glow sticks and immediately started in. In an interview after the show, Dave 1, whose real name is David Macklovitch, said, “When we were 15, I started playing guitar for a band P was in and we’ve been at it ever since.” This long friendship certainly showed, as the two were laughing and joking throughout the show. They also did a great job in getting the crowd involved in the set. Dave 1 got fans singing along to most of the songs, and seemed to be having as good a time as the kids on the dance floor. The sense of humor evident in Chromeo’s intentionally goofy songs certainly translated into their live show. P-Thugg amused fans by speaking solely through a talk-box, and Dave1 had fans laughing at his banter between songs. Speaking after the show, P-Thugg, aka, Patrick Gemayel, joked of Dave, “I think he’s a lead singer just because it gives him an excuse to hear himself talk.”Chromeo covered fan favorites such as “Bonafied Lovin,” “Tenderoni” and “Needy Girl.” Talking later about how they approach writing such songs, Dave 1 said, “usually I come up with the lyrics first, but occasionally P will send me a demo he’s been working on in his studio and I’ll come up with lyrics and riffs that fit. The creative input is fairly even.”Most concert-goers seemed pleased with the performance, although Chromeo did play for less than an hour and some complaints were heard in the crowd about the fairly short set.In addition to the main musical acts, a wide spectrum of clubs on campus were part of the inaugural fest. Feel Good served up grilled cheeses and WRUV and Hillel also tabled. Miss Vermont was at the event as well registering students to vote. A food drive put on by Conscious Alliance went on in conjunction with the event. Students could bring in canned goods in exchange for a limited edition Chromeo poster designed specially for the concert. The UVM Hula Hoop Club had a performance before the show. The UVM Top Cats also had a short set, in which they performed an a capella version of Chromeo’s “Bonafied Lovin'” in honor of the headliners. With supporting DJing by Vasilis Varsakopoulos, the university’s dance crew staged a short routine before dancing with Bonjour-Hi! onstage. After the show, the staff putting on the show seemed pleased with the way the first Fall Fest had gone. “It’s a lot of work, but it was worth it,” George Mihaly, vice president of SA Concerts, said.