Cioffi welcomes trustees

Robert Cioffi’s opening remarks at the Board of Trustees meeting this past weekend addressed a Chinese proverb stating, “May we live in interesting times.”     Given the state of the University, this proverb may ring true.      The Board of Trustees held their second major meeting of the year this past weekend, with Trustee members addressing the ongoing presidential search, as well as the economic issues currently affecting the University.     “In spite of a few bumps and bruises, we’re doing well,” Cioffi said.     Not everyone at the meeting, however, seemed to agree.     Some protesters crowded the entrance carrying signs and banners reading, “Fight against administrative greed.”     After his opening remarks, Cioffi turned to Interim President Bramley to give his perception of the current state of the University.     Bramley said that that the University was too small when he was provost and senior vice president.     “Now our research and education has gained strength,” he said.     Bramley also concentrated on the current financial situation, discussing the eventual decline of funding from the government, and recommended that the University not exceed a tuition hike of 3.5 percent.     Bramley said he expressed interest in exploring more academic ventures, entering into partnerships with other institutions and identifying University programs that are no longer needed.     The University needs to attract the best and brightest individuals in order to continue the seamless movement of its system, he said.     “The challenges we face are no different from others,” Bramley said. ” Now we must succeed or we put all of our progress at risk.”