Class Council has a ball

Ladies strapped on their heels and men tightened their ties in preparation to dance the night away. Class Council hosted the sold-out Winter Ball at the Hilton on Saturday, Jan. 29, Vice President of Class Identity for Senior Class Council Sumeera Gupta said. Ticket sales were open to seniors before the rest of the student body could purchase them on Jan. 18, Gupta said. “Last year there were about 100 tickets left,” she said. “This year we sold out a week and a half in advance.” Students were bussed from the Davis Center to the Burlington Hilton Hotel for a black, white and silver themed night, Gupta said. “There were cut-out stars and candles and black and white petals,” sophomore Liz Jackson said. Some students said the cops were a known presence at the dance. “They searched you every time you went into the hall,” Jackson said. However, other students said it was a good way to spend a Saturday night. “I was glad I had the opportunity to go,” sophomore Mark Carter said. “I had a great time at my first Winter Ball.”