Searching high and low for the most bookmarkable sites the net has to offer can be quite a daunting task. While sites like Youtube, MySpace, Facebook and Wikipedia frequently make users’ top 10 lists, the diversity of the remaining sites is surprising. McSweeney’s Web site, is filled to the brim with sardonic humor. The site provides a daily update of user-submitted material as well as numerous columns and updates for McSweeney’s publications. Robert Downey, a UVM junior says that, “McSweeney’s is one of the Web sites I check most often, no other publisher makes so much of its content available online.” Two students proclaimed to be their most frequented Web site. Daily Candy will keep you up on “hot new restaraunts, designers, secret nooks and charming diversions in your city and beyond” accoding to their homepage. Signing up is free and it’s a great way to stay informed on your city’s “fashion, food and fun.” Junior Mike Dinorscio, however, loves Phantasy Tour. Pointing your Web browser towards will yield full access to upcoming tour dates as well as recordings of previous live sets. This page allows access to various jam bands, including Phish, Disco Biscuits and Yonder Mountain String Band. Each band has “all their set lists for every show” as well as “a forum for people to talk on,” said Dinorscio. Sites like and are runaway favorites of the University of Vermont crowd. Four students said one or the other of these News 2.0 sites was their preferred time-waster. For his backpacking supplies, Outing Club leader Jon Gridley checks, which he declares to have “bomber deals on backcountry gear.” While the site does not have a large variety of options, the addictiveness of this and other discount sites is undeniable. The one deal at a time policy advocated by the Web site keeps people interested and engaged. Junior Dan Golden often visits Pandora’s Internet radio. According to their Web Site, is “radio from the Music Genome Project.” “It’s a great way to find out about new music,” said Golden. The only downside, according to Golden, is that “you can’t choose which song it plays.” The variety of accessible sites on the Internet is alarming. With nearly an infinite number of topics, there truly is a Web site for every need.