COLUMNIST: Pitch ’em overboard

In the midst of economic turmoil, the collapse of capitalism and civil unrest, anonymous corporate executives chuckle, light imported, hand-rolled cigars with hundred dollar bills they did not work for and settles into leather barcaloungers.Across town, Joe Schmoe divvies up a can of Spam to his three kids after working a hard, long day, making close to no money, before settling into the front seat of his truck to sleep.If this scene upsets you, then you’re among the millions of Americans working to pay the pensions of corrupt businessmen while we suffer and go without.Right now the American business machine is on an uncontrollable boat ride that is relentlessly sailing out of control, blown by the winds of capitalism, and bingeing on whatever money they can get from the government before the ship capsizes.Capitalism has always been carried on the back of the little guy. Over-worked and under-paid men and women built this country while soft-handed executives in suits profited. They have always relied on the American worker for support, and now, after their businesses have failed, they are once again relying on the American public.The major corporations – that sadly run this country – are collapsing and are in danger of going completely bankrupt.Good riddance, I say.Even with just a secondary knowledge of capitalism, anyone could tell you that it mainly relies on the fall of one company and the rise of another. Why, then, are so many people astonished that these companies are collapsing? That’s what happens in a capitalistic society! Companies succeed or they fail. The ones that succeed get to profit and the ones that fail, well, fail. Simple, right?Why should the government, better yet the American taxpayer, save these corrupt companies just because they have been a part of American society for generations?No one shed a tear when nickel and dime Mom and Pop stores went out of business, taken over by strip malls. Or when a Starbucks popped up on every corner and local coffee shops had to shut down. Why should multinational corporations be any different?Their business practices failed. Obviously. They overproduced products that have little value besides their price tags. They underpaid workers, skimmed profits and ruined the lives of millions. Why should we help them just so they can continue their lavish lifestyles?These gigantic companies were bound to fail someday; as the saying goes, “nothing lasts.” These captains of the sinking ships are begging to be bailed out, while the deckhands are doomed to drown. We should throw them overboard before the water rises too high and we all get sucked down with them. After all, it isn’t our fault they were greedy and destroyed their companies.So let them suffer – and let us live.