Communist Threat Strengthens

It has often been said in recent years that the Cold War is over and that in its place will arise a new world order, a unipolar world in which the United States dominates and leads. This vision of a golden age for democracy is threatened today, just as it has been since this nation’s conception. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the mantle of communist leadership has shifted to the People’s Republic of China. It is often asserted that they are liberalizing their regime; that they are shifting from a state controlled economy to a more market based one. Whatever the truth, it is irrelevant. The rule in Beijing is still a repressive authoritarian regime and is an empire no less evil than was the Soviet Union. It is against logic that we impose sanctions on Cuba, a communist state in our hemisphere, yet we do not against China. It is time that this nation shifts its public policy toward communist China. We should impose economic sanctions; we should unequivocally support the Republic of China on Taiwan, recognize ROC as the true government of China in exile and push for its admittance to the United Nations. It is perfectly right to debate the philosophical merits of Marxism and communism, particularly on a leftist campus such as this, but the practical reality is that throughout the history of the world all communist regimes have been undemocratic and repressive. Communism is a cancer on the body politic, and though we have it now contained, it still exists. It must be eradicated from the globe or there will always be the threat of nations exporting their communism to others. In fighting this enduring battle, Joe McCarthy went too far, Bill Clinton did not do enough, and the approach of Cold Warriors like Ronald Reagan was just right. Communist China is a rising world power, becoming increasingly involved in exporting weapons of terror, and even aiding Iraq. There are recent reports that Chinese technicians have been laying fiber optic cable attaching Iraq’s air defense system, and that there is possibly Chinese nuclear technicians helping Saddam in his drive to build nuclear weapons. Those of my generation have had few dramatic memories in our lives, but when I was a child the TV coverage of the Tianamen Square massacre presented visuals that I will not forget. The communist Chinese government sent tanks against its own citizens for expressing their desire for democracy. The government’s extermination campaign against the Falun Gong religious sect, while on a much smaller scale, is no less onerous than the Romans persecuting the Christians or the Nazis persecuting the Jews. We face a time when our foreign policy seems to be adrift with no clear doctrine or focus. We have made ourselves believe that communism is defeated. However, it is not. We have had a nice decade – long respite from the battle against communism, but it is time we rejoin the fight because an evil empire has arisen in Asia, and its shadow threatens the region and the world.